About Me

Hi! I’m Yoon Auh. Thanks for stopping by.


Inventor of NUTS and founder of NUTS Technologies. Frustrated with the current state of the art in protecting his data, Yoon asked the dumb questions and found that the answers were either non-existent and/or dumb. Thus began his quest to find a better solution that meets his needs. The NUTS ecosystem is the product of that journey. In a land where we are trying to intercept every arrow in flight, he dares to provide your data with armor that withstands those arrows. Simple. Yoon holds 14 patents and allowances on cybersecurity technologies. He has extensive financial industry experience with real-time trading systems design, development, and usage. Yoon has held Head Trader positions at some of the world’s largest financial institutions. Mr. Auh has a B.A. in Physics from Columbia College in NYC and a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics from Columbia School of Engineering.